Spreading for the Doctor

In this adult fiction story, Tricia visits a new doctor who suspects she has a severe syndrome.  To find out, he and his nurse must subject her to a sex test of how many orgasms she can handle, and how many different ways she can come.  They try everything–oral sex, anal play, a first lesbian experience, and dildos.  Will Tricia pass the test?

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Dr. Marcum turned a page in her file. He had already reviewed her medical history and talked to her about her current habits—smoking, exercise, nutrition. “I see you’re sexually active,” he said. “How often do you have sex?”

She shifted in her seat. “Not often. Once every six months or so.”

The grizzled doctor frowned. “That’s not much. What about masturbation? Do you diddle yourself?”

Tricia blushed, twisting her hands. “Yes…”

“How often?” he demanded.


Dr. Marcum put his hand on her thigh, touching the bare skin below the line of her skirt. He squeezed gently. “It’s all right, Tricia. I’m a doctor.”

She nodded. She hoped she wasn’t playing it too coy, but since he didn’t remove his hand from her thigh, she figured things were going well. “Usually once.”

“A month?”

“A day.”

She saw a faint smile cross his lips, and he rubbed his thumb back and forth along the inside of her thigh, then took away his hand to make a note in her file. “You said usually once. Sometimes more, or sometimes less?”

“Both. Sometimes I don’t have time. But on the weekends, maybe two or three times.” Heck, she could feel herself getting wet right now. She’d already come this morning because she was so excited about this appointment. Looked like she’d do it at least twice today.

He pushed his reading glasses to the tip of his nose and looked at her over the rim. “That concerns me, Tricia.”