Tabitha Conall

Tabitha has been in love with love since the first play she wrote at the age of eight. That story involved three princes who fell in love with three princesses. What could be more perfect?

Age has brought not just deeper conflict to her stories but also a lot more flesh. Now she describes not just the princes and princesses falling in love, but also what happens when they close the bedroom door. She’s looking forward to sharing more stories with readers very soon.

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Caitlyn Veronique

There was a time when Caitlyn Veronique couldn’t imagine writing an erotic story. Even the idea made her blush. Then she read an erotic poem written by a friend, and couldn’t get it out of her mind.

So she tried writing an erotic poem of her own, and then a second one. She quickly graduated to stories and eventually got over her embarrassment by letting a few close friends read them. She’s been writing erotica ever since, and is currently working on finishing a series of erotic short stories.

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