Becoming the Rancher’s Pregnant Wife 2: Silas and Hannah


The Wild West requires more…in bed and in love.

With only her aunt to support her, Hannah can’t refuse when her aunt wants her to marry Cornelius–even though Cornelius is the last man she’d ever want to marry.

Silas loves Hannah. When she tells him she doesn’t want to marry her fiance, Silas sees his chance. If he can get Hannah pregnant, her aunt will have to allow them to get married.

Warning: this 5000+ word short story shows an ardent rancher in the Old West deflowering and impregnating the woman he’s loved for years with the hottest, tenderest methods he can think up.

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Hannah couldn’t stand being around her fiancé for one more second. She slipped out of the barn where her neighbors danced and whooped it up and hurried into the darkness.

“Hannah!” Aunt Ethel called.

Her aunt was just as insufferable as her fiancé. Hannah picked up her skirts and ran. She didn’t stop until she reached the woods at the edge of the cleared farm. The trees there were barely thicker than her thigh, but she felt safer than in the open.

She leaned against one of the trees and looked back. The barn was a blaze of light in the midst of an otherwise dark night. With the moon new and clouds covering the stars, the barn gave the only light for miles around. A few people milled about outside the barn’s opening, but she saw no one following her. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

Hannah didn’t know what to do. She hated Cornelius. She’d hated him since she first set eyes on him, with his oiled hair and his smarmy smile. He tried to say all the right things but instead every word he uttered made her skin crawl.

But Aunt Ethel liked him. She lapped up his promises and the tiny, inexpensive gifts he bestowed on her. When he’d asked for Hannah’s hand, he’d made sure her aunt was with them. While Hannah was saying no, her aunt loudly agreed. Every time Hannah tried to demur, her aunt bullied her. Told her point-blank she’d be out on her own without a penny if she didn’t go through with the marriage.

If Aunt Ethel liked Cornelius so much, why didn’t she marry him herself?

“Are you all right?”

Hannah jumped, her heart thumping. A dark male form loomed over her. It took a moment before she recognized him. “Silas. You scared me.”

“I didn’t mean to.” As it always did, his deep voice warmed something inside her. “You ran out of the dance. I wanted to make sure you were okay, so I followed you.”

And what could she say? Silas didn’t care about her troubles. And even if he did, there was nothing he could do about them. “I’m all right. I just wanted some air.”

“Are you sure? You look upset.” He stepped closer and touched her elbow. She felt the heat of him right through her sleeve. “You can tell me.”

Could she? Could she trust him? “You won’t tell anyone?”

His hand gripped her elbow, his thumb rubbing her upper arm. “Of course not. It’ll just be between us.”

Hannah still didn’t see what good it would do, but he seemed to want to know. “It’s my fiancé.”

Silas’ hand tightened.

“I don’t want to marry him.”

“Then why are you?” His voice sounded soft.

“Aunt Ethel wants me to. Really bad.” She felt tears welling up.

His thumb started rubbing her arm again. “Did you tell her you don’t want him?”

“Yes. She said if I don’t marry him she’ll kick me out.” Her eyes met his. “And what would I do then? So I have to marry him.”

Silas ran his hands up her arms to cup her face. “There are other options.”

Her cheeks heated. He must mean becoming a whore. “Oh, I couldn’t.”

“Would it be so bad? To be married to me?”