Hunter’s Moon, An MMF Erotic Romance

Ebook360Tate did everything she could to save her sister from being kidnaped, but failed. When Sawyer sees Tate lying in the hospital after the beating the kidnaper gave her, he feels rage like he’s never felt before. But it isn’t until Tate and Sawyer go to Lunaville to help hunt down the kidnaper and retrieve Tate’s sister that they meet Matt, their mate…and their lives are changed forever.

Despite wanting to find the nearest bed and complete the mating bond, cops Matt and Sawyer investigate the clues while holding Tate back from getting in the middle of things. But Tate’s the one who finds the biggest clue of all, a scent trail that smells just like the kidnaper. In the midst of following the trail and tracking down clues, Matt and Sawyer try to heal Tate of her biggest wound–the guilt of not being able to stop the kidnaper herself.

This 20,000+ word novella is the second in the Mad Wolf’s Harem series that starts with Harvest Moon. It can be read as a stand-alone.

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“Good afternoon.” The female voice that replied wasn’t one he knew, so he left the coffee and walked closer, wishing he could get a look without being seen. The woman continued, “I’m looking for Chief Deputy Geary.”

Everything clicked. He’d bet money Sawyer’s recalcitrant victim hadn’t stayed at the hotel more than a couple of minutes before hiking it down here. Trouble. Definitely trouble.

But he did want to hear her story. Matt entered the lobby area just as Peggy was asking the woman why she wanted to talk with him.

The woman was gorgeous–not classically beautiful, but she punched every button he had–those long lean legs, her tall tight body, the dark hair flowing down her back. If she weren’t a victim, if she weren’t tied up in an ongoing investigation, he’d do whatever he could to get her into his bed.

She spotted him. “Chief Deputy Geary?” She didn’t wait for his answer, but started toward him, holding out her hand. “I’m Tate McKenna. Sawyer must have told you about me. I’m Britton McKenna’s sister.”

Sawyer, was it? As Matt took her hand, he punched down an uncharacteristic spurt of jealousy. What did he care if Sawyer and this woman were on a first name basis? It wasn’t like she meant anything to Matt.

And it wasn’t like he wanted anything permanent. He wanted to find his mates, sure. But sometime in the future, after he was better established in the Pack and in his job. When he could provide for his mates in the way he deserved. If he and Tate had done anything…if circumstances had been different…they’d both have known it was short-term.

All the same, he had to ignore his wolf’s desire to whine when Tate pulled her hand away from his. “Good to meet you,” he said. “Sawyer mentioned you’d come to Lunaville so I could hear your account firsthand.”

Tate put her hands on her hips in what looked like an unconscious gesture, and stood a little taller. “I’m here to help with the investigation.”

Trouble. But he was an alpha and she wasn’t going to get the better of him. “Would you like some coffee?”

Her eyes narrowed.

“No? Then why don’t I get you settled in our conference room, and then I can take your statement.”

She followed him as he walked toward the back of the room. “And then you can catch me up on the case,” she said.

The side door opened and Sawyer pushed through carrying a banker box. All of a sudden, the room filled with the most amazing smell, like chocolate donuts and crackling fires and home. A wave of lust crashed over Matt and his wolf howled.


His eyes met Sawyer’s. This man he’d just met, this man he’d felt so comfortable with. His mate. And Tate…Tate was theirs.

It was all too soon. He wasn’t ready for mates yet. But wolves didn’t get a choice of when or where or if. He had no choice, so he had to roll with it.

And with the urge to bond with his mates riding him hard, he didn’t care a bit.