Wife 997: Lesbian Harem Girls in Space


Far in the future, an intergalactic trader collects the most beautiful women for his harem and travels with them from planet to planet. After he makes Destry his 997th wife, she enters the harem where she discovers a world unlike any she’s known before…a world where in the absence of a husband spread far too thin, wives turn to each other for companionship, love and even sex. When Destry meets Teleri, one of the female harem guards, she’s quickly pulled into this lush feminine world and into Teleri’s arms.

This story is meant for adults only, and includes a loving sexual encounter between two women.

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“A few more days, and your rooms will be furnished,” Teleri said as they walked through the sterile white hallways near the cargo hold on the way back to the harem sector.

All of Destry’s decisions had been made, so she wouldn’t need to go to the cargo hold any more. She felt sad that she wouldn’t spend time with Teleri anymore. “Will you be around?”

“Of course,” Teleri said.

“I mean, will I see you?”

Teleri gazed down at her, their eyes meeting. “You may see me as much as you wish.”

Flustered, Destry brushed her hand down her hair, looking away. “I don’t mean that I’d order you or anything. I just mean I’ve had fun. You’re fun.” That sounded so weak, she couldn’t believe she’d said it. She wasn’t even sure what she meant, only that she didn’t want to lose Teleri’s friendship.

“I’ve had fun, too,” the guard said. “And you cannot order me to spend time with you during my free time. If I do that, it’s because I choose to.” Teleri touched Destry’s cheek, turning her face toward her. “And I choose to.”

They gazed at each other for a few minutes.

Finally, Teleri said, “We shouldn’t linger.” She put her hand on Destry’s back and led her through the remaining corridors to the harem sector. When they got there, Teleri didn’t stop. She continued to walk with Destry to her new rooms, her hand still on Destry’s back.

One of the few pieces of furniture Destry had already procured was a bed. Just the day before, she had moved into her own rooms, though they were largely bare. She had been too excited about having her own place to wait for more of the furnishings to arrive, even though Naya had protested.

Now, with Teleri beside her, Destry felt very glad she had a quiet place where they could go.

Her rooms were situated much like Naya’s. The outside door, leading into the common areas of the harem, was always open. Inside was a small entryway and equally small kitchen where she could cook if she wished, although she had no need to. This opened into a much larger living area. To the side were doors leading to the bathroom and her bedroom, both of them opulent.

Right now, she had only a screen inset into the wall in the living area—that had been there when she arrived—and the bed. When she and Teleri walked inside, Destry said, “I have no place for us to sit.”

“We can sit on the bed.”

The idea seemed almost shocking, and yet there was no other choice. Not if they wanted to be alone. So she led the way into the bedroom. The lights flicked on automatically as they entered.

Teleri took both her hands and pulled her down onto the bed, leaning in immediately and kissing her.

Destry had never been kissed by another woman before. It seemed somehow scandalous, even though she had seen Naya and Oakley kiss many times.

Teleri pulled back, cupped her face and looked into her eyes. “Is this all right?”

“I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“Is it so different from kissing Baird?” Teleri kissed her again, this time with her mouth slightly open.

Was it so different? Teleri’s lips were so soft, while Baird was all hard. Beyond that, though…not so very different.

Teleri coaxed Destry’s mouth open, then she slipped her tongue inside.