Santa’s Naughty Workshop

This pair of adult fiction stories are all about santa getting some sex. In the first story, a beautiful blonde woman propositions a department store santa and ends up doing him in the back of his workshop. In the second story, the same blonde comes back the next day for more fun. These two sex stories include oral sex, anal sex, rimming, and one very naughty girl.

The first story, Department Store Santa, has been previously published in the collection Kinky Adult Fantasies.

These stories are for adults only.

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When he walks through the door into the workshop, she’s lying on her side on the bed, her head in her hand, smiling. She’s still clothed, but her short skirt shows all that long leg and her tits press against the thin fabric. As he stands there, she begins to massage her breast, rubbing it and pulling at the nipple through her flimsy dress. He walks over and sits on the edge of the bed as she sits up.

“Can I sit on your lap now?” she asks, and all of a sudden, the innocent question has a much naughtier meaning.

Santa grins. “Of course.”

She stands up, and he re-situates himself on the bed. She curls onto his lap as she did before, but closer this time. Then she kisses him on the mouth. Her tongue darts out and touches his lips, and he pulls her closer, sliding his tongue into her mouth.

Meanwhile, Santa peels off his gloves. Santa’s really going to get some. He can’t believe it. Gloves off, he keeps one arm firmly around her waist, and puts that hand on her thigh, pulling at her skirt until he’s touching bare flesh. His other hand, he puts square on her tit. It’s soft and firm and big, just like he likes them.

She’s nibbling on his lips. “Is Santa horny?” she asks.

“Damn right,” he says gruffly. He removes his hand from her tit long enough to unbutton his pants and unzip his fly. His hard cock springs out, and he strokes it firmly once, twice, then lets it go and sticks his hand up her dress to cover her bare breast.

The woman moans, then reaches down, grabs the hem of her skirt and pulls it over her head. She’s naked except for the garter belt, her stockings, and her red pumps.

“How do you like your present?” she whispers.