Studying the Opposite Sex: Fall Semester, Week 2

Want a recipe for trouble? Put together barely legal teens, a potent mix of hormones, and the new-found freedom of going away for college. What do you get?

You get a threesome in exchange for tutoring, lesbian cheerleaders fucking a cop to get out of a speeding ticket, sex under the stands with the quarterback, a college girl catching her roommate masturbating, sorority girls watching porn, and mutual masturbation as homework for their Human Sexuality class.

This collection of sex stories focuses on students at a fictional college. It’s the second in a series of adult fiction collections about the same students as they progress through a semester, one week at a time. Tune in for more.

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Jessie stood up and peeled off her underpants, then realized both guys were staring at her. “What?”

“You’re gorgeous, that’s what,” Mike said.

Jessie smiled. “You two get naked so we can have some fun.”

Both guys stood up while Jessie made herself comfortable on the bed, and they pulled off the rest of their clothes. Luke sat down next to Jessie and began kissing her and playing with her titties, and Mike spread her legs and went down on her.

Jessie began moaning and put her hand on the back of Mike’s head to keep him in place, and with her other hand she began to stroke Luke’s cock. Mike loved the taste of her, and loved that she thought he was good at going down on her. He wanted to please her, and when she came in his mouth a few minutes later, he knew he had.

Mike sat up and they shifted positions, as though they’d choreographed it. Jessie leaned over and began to suck on Luke’s dick, while Luke leaned back and enjoyed it. Mike shifted Jessie’s hips so she was lying on one hip, and lifted the top leg and straddled the bottom one and slowly slid his cock into her pussy.

She was wet and hot, like she usually was after she came. Mike fucked his cock in and out of her while he watched her sucking Luke’s dick. He realized he didn’t feel as jealous as he’d thought he would. In fact, it kind of turned him on to watch her going down on his friend.

But the position he was in was not as satisfying as it could be, so he pulled out and put her on her knees, then fucked her from behind. Her ass was perfect, just like the rest of her. Her hips were twitching, and from everything he could see, she was having a wonderful time.

Mike reached around her and began to rub her clit. After a few minutes, she came again, her pussy clenching around him.

The two men watched her come, then Luke said, “I want some pussy, too.”