The Right Man, An Erotic Romance Short Story

Beth worked hard for a long time to get Billy out of her life, and now that she has, she feels exhausted. Worn-out. Beaten down. So when Jake walks back into her life, she feels like it’s more than she can handle.

But Jake won’t take no for an answer. He let Beth go once, and there’s no way he’s going to do it again. If he has to remind her who she is in order to keep her, that’s exactly what he’ll do.

This erotika romance short story sports hot, wet sex in the shower, in the kitchen, and yes, in the bedroom, years-long yearning, a jealous ex-husband, and a dozen roses. It is meant for adults only.

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“Bullshit. You’re scared.” He came over to stand a breath away from her. “Billy was an ass. But not all men are like that. Give me a chance.”

His beautiful brown eyes were warm, passionate. Part of her wanted to curl into his arms and find out just how passionate he could be. The rest of her remembered what it was like to belong to a man—to be his chattel, to do what he wanted, to have no power. Passion wasn’t worth giving up her soul.

Jake touched her cheek with the tips of his fingers, then ran his thumb very lightly over her lips. “Just give me a chance,” he whispered. “You can always throw me out in the morning.”

She chuckled. “You always could make me laugh.”

His smile flashed briefly before his lips covered hers. He wrapped her in his arms and held her tight against his body. She could feel him hard against her, shoulders to knees. Had Billy ever held her like this? She couldn’t remember ever feeling this wanted.

Then she stopped thinking entirely as their kiss deepened and his hands gripped her ass.