The Alpha’s Pack, An MMF Erotic Romance

Pack360 An overwhelming lust draws werewolves to their two mates in this otherwise ordinary world. Deirdre, Jake and Sam find each other only to discover they must conquer an intractable foe or be separated forever. Their enemy breaks every rule to get what he wants. Can these three mates overcome their obstacles to find everlasting love?

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Jake had never smelled anything better in his life. It was like earth and sex and home all rolled up together. He’d been looking for a restaurant where he could get some lunch, but ever since he’d smelled that scent, he couldn’t do anything but follow it.

He walked down a sidewalk lined with trees and quaint storefronts. The sun shined bright overhead. He passed a photo store, a butcher, and a book store as the smell grew stronger. As it became overwhelming, he felt himself growing hard. What the hell?

He had no control. Like a siren holding him in her grasp, the smell wrapped around him, sliding over his hair, heating his skin until he felt more turned on than ever before. He knew what this was. There was only one thing this could be.

Jake turned a corner and went down a little alley that opened into a flower-filled courtyard. A woman stood in the middle staring at him, and on the far side of her another man walked through a different alleyway entrance.

He’d found his mates.

Jake approached the woman. She was beautiful, to him. About medium height, shiny brown hair that brushed her shoulders, big blue eyes surrounded by thick lashes. Her skin was that pale that never tans, only burns. Her body was well-muscled yet slender, the perfect she-wolf’s body.

She watched him curiously but without fear. “Hello?”

Jake slid his hands around her waist and buried his nose in her neck. So good. She smelled so damn good.

Another pair of hands brushed against his as they took hold of her hips. Their third pressed his face into the other side of her throat.

“Oh, God,” she whispered.

He lifted his head enough to look into her eyes, their foreheads almost touching. “I’m Jake.”

“Deirdre,” she said.

The other man looked up, his eyes meeting Jake’s. “Sam.”

Sam had light brown hair and blue eyes that were a lighter color than Deirdre’s. He was a little shorter and less bulked up than Jake, but that wasn’t saying much. Jake stood at 6’2″ and lifted at the gym regularly in order to enhance his natural wolf strength.

“You don’t smell like Pack,” Sam said. “Deirdre smells like Stonewall Pack, but you…”

Sam smelled like Pack too. They both did, but they smelled like different packs. If Deirdre was in the Stonewall Pack, it was a good guess Sam was in the Roanoke Pack. “I’m a Loner,” Jake said.

Sam’s face tensed.

Pack wolves didn’t like Loners. That was fine; Jake didn’t like pack wolves either.

And now he was mated to two of them.

With the scent of them filling his head and his cock hard as granite, he couldn’t find it in him to care. “Let’s worry about that later. There are more important things right now.”

“We need to go someplace,” she said.

He didn’t want to go anywhere. He wanted to drag his mates to the ground and claim them right here, right now. But Deirdre was right. Humans didn’t know about werewolves and they especially didn’t know that the mate bond was for threesomes rather than couples. Now wasn’t the time for them to find out.

The problem with going somewhere was that Sam and Deirdre almost surely lived in Pack territory. They wouldn’t be allowed to pass into a different pack’s territory any more than he could go there with them. That left one option. “I have a hotel room,” he said.

“In neutral territory,” Sam said.

“Of course.” That was solved, but now the bigger problem—he’d have to let go of them before they could walk to the hotel. Plus, he wasn’t sure he remembered where it was. He’d been in a fog on his way here, just following the scent.

Deirdre pushed against his chest. “Let’s go. The faster we leave, the faster we can get there.”

Jake pulled back, then lunged forward, pressing his lips against hers, a growl rising from his throat.

Sam moaned.

Then Jake grabbed her hand and pulled her toward the alley where he’d come in, Sam following behind them.

Walking to the hotel was the longest ten minutes of his life. He tried to get his mind off the conflagration to come, though it was hard with Deirdre’s small hand in his. So few people were blessed with mates; he’d never really thought he’d find his. Or that he even had any.

He’d just come here looking for a job, not his mates. Though he’d visited larger cities, Marysburg had the distinction of not just two long-standing werewolf packs, but also a sizable neutral area. That’s what drew him here. Loners weren’t welcome in pack territory, and pack territory was damn near everywhere.

But because Marysburg had two packs, the neutral area was large and housed most of the offices and other places of business. A Loner could find a job, get an apartment, live a life. That had been the plan. Until fate knocked him on his ass.

He followed the trail of his own scent back to the hotel. None of them spoke. Jake didn’t know what the other two were thinking, but he couldn’t quite form thoughts. If he’d spoken, he’d have ended up sounding like a fool, saying “wow” over and over.

Instead, he walked as fast as possible.