Teaching Sex to Susie


Susie’s rich stepdaddy hires a tutor to teach Susie the one thing she didn’t get in high school: sex. Not sex education. Teeth-rattling, pulse-pounding, bed-shaking sex. Along the way, can Nolan teach this virgin more than how to please a man in bed?

This short story includes a barely legal teen, virgin sex, instruction in the pleasures of the flesh by a slightly dominant teacher, and a stepfather with some unique ideas.

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“Maybe we could talk a little,” she said.

“You’re stalling. I think it would be better if we went ahead and slept together. Everything will get easier after the first time. Besides.” He got a wicked expression on his face and looked down at his crotch. “I’m more than ready. I’m dying to get started.”

Her gaze followed his and she realized his cock was hard underneath his pants. He actually wanted to do it with her. Her stomach fluttered.

“How did you get into this line of work?” she said, backing up a step.

“One last question,” he said, ignoring hers. “Are you a virgin?”

She blushed. “Yes.”

Nolan smiled gently. “It’s always an honor to be a woman’s first. I’ll make sure it’s good for you.” He sat down on the edge of the bed, his legs spread. “Come here.”

She didn’t move. “This is moving awfully fast.”

“That’s perfect,” he said. “In most situations, you should put men off, make them wait for sex. Never give it away too easily. Except, of course, for today.” He held out his hand. “Come.”

He kept his hand out until she finally stepped forward and took it. Then he pulled her between his legs, his hands on her hips. “Let’s start with a kiss. You’ve kissed before?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Good.” He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her in close. He was so tall and she was so short, that their faces were right on the same level. He pressed his lips against hers. As she softened to him, he gently pushed her lips open and slid his tongue into her mouth.

Susie hadn’t been frenched in a while, and she’d almost forgotten how good it was. Moisture flooded her pussy and she met him lick for lick, suck for suck.