My Stepdaddy’s Needs

Stepdad360Nineteen-year-old Carmen loves playing daddy-daughter games. And since the death of his wife, Carmen’s stepdaddy, Dave, struggles to get all of his needs met. In sexual desperation, he finally asks Carmen to join him in the master bedroom. For good. Will Carmen agree to some naughty daddy love?

This 5000-word short story includes sex between a stepdad and his daughter, anal, oral and voracious sex, and lots of cries for daddy.

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One night, my very hot step-father came into my bedroom and sat down on the edge of my bed. I’d lusted after him ever since I first met him. It wasn’t hard; he was younger than my mom, and I’d already been eighteen when she finally introduced us. True, he was closer to my mom’s age than mine, and definitely more compatible with her than with me. I wasn’t in love with him or anything. But that didn’t stop a girl from fantasizing.

I felt kind of shitty for fantasizing about him after Mom died, though. Still, he let me keep living with him and didn’t kick me out or anything. He was a nice guy that way.

Still, I was totally not prepared for what he said that night.

“I have some needs that I need help with. I’ve tried to take care of them elsewhere but it’s just not working. Will you help?”

This was the first I’d heard that he didn’t have everything and anything he wanted. “What kind of needs?”

“Sexual ones.”

I felt my pussy gush. In spite of always thinking David was hot, I never thought he’d look twice at me. He’d been so in love with mom. “And you want me for that?”

“You’re sexy. Way sexier than you realize. And you’re here, which is even more important. Your mom and I used to fuck at least twice a day, often three or four times. No one can do that for me without living here.”

He shifted on the bed, and I could see he had a hard-on. “I know you think your mom wouldn’t approve, but I think she would. After she got sick, she told me once that she wished you and I had met first, that you and I had gotten hitched instead. Since she was going to leave us. The way she said it, I felt like we had her blessing.”

“She really said that?” I pulled at my skirt. It seemed a little short given the conversation.

“She did.”