The Alpha’s Obsession, An MMF Erotic Romance

Obsession360Hidden in an otherwise modern world, werewolves mate in threesomes dictated by a mating lust that tells them without doubt who their fated mates are.  After struggling through years of separation made worse by the mating urge riding them all, three werewolves come together once again.  Maeve, Nate and Damian must face their past in a fight for their love and their lives.  Can they overcome their demons to find a love that lasts?

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Nate thought it was pretty strange when the Pack Alpha called him and asked him where he was. “I’m at home,” he said.

“And Damian?”

“He’s home, too. Why?”

“You have any plans this afternoon?” Jake said.


“Good. Stay home. That’s an order.” Jake hung up.

What the hell. Did their new leader have a problem with gays or something? If he did, that’d be awfully strange, considering he palled around with his own mate. Would it make a difference to him if he knew Damian and Nate were mates?

Damian came in from the garage, wiping his hands on a towel. “I heard the phone. Who was it?”

“Jake. Ordering us to stay home this afternoon.”

“Ordering?” Damian said.

Leave it to Damian. He was alpha enough that he’d probably want to go out just because he’d been told to stay in.

“His words. ‘That’s an order.’ I have no idea why. But since we weren’t planning to go anywhere anyway, it doesn’t make a difference.”

The muscles around Damian’s eyes tightened. Nate could almost read his thoughts written on his face. Time to distract him from thinking about defiance.

“Were you coming in for lunch?”

Damian’s focus snapped back to the here-and-now. “Yeah. Want a sandwich?”

“That’d be great.”

A half hour later they were putting the dishes in the dishwasher when they heard a car pull into the driveway.

“Could it be Jake?” Nate said.

Damian scowled. “He could have just told us he was coming over, instead of ordering us to stay put.”

Nate put his hand on Damian’s back and rubbed it a few times. “Jake’s still figuring out how to be a pack leader. He’s already way better than Ted.”

“You’re too quick to give him slack.”

“Maybe you’re too quick to criticize.”

Nate realized he hadn’t heard the car door open or close. The car had been turned off and then nothing.

His eyes met Damian’s.

“Let’s go find out what Jake wants,” Damian said. “Since he won’t even deign to come to the door.”

As they stepped into the garage, the mystery car door opened. Nate immediately smelled the most amazing smell. He froze.




“Mate,” Damian said, voice low and gravelly.

She’d come back. Oh, God, she’d come back. Nate ran out of the garage to the woman standing beside the car, but stopped short a couple of feet away. He wanted to yank her into his arms. He wanted to hold her and kiss her. He wanted to mark her with no preamble, so she’d never leave again.

He couldn’t do it. When they’d first found each other, he and Damian had scared her so much she’d left. He couldn’t take the chance of scaring her again, no matter how much he needed to touch her.

Damian slowly followed him, his face rigid, brows drawn down. He stood near the front of the car with his arms crossed.

For her part, their mate trembled. Maeve had never looked so vulnerable. They’d known her as kids, even though they hadn’t recognized each other as mates until she, as youngest, went through puberty. She’d always been sweet and a little shy as a child. That’s why he knew when she left that it was their fault.

“I’m sorry,” she said softly. She put out her hands toward each of them.