Becoming the Rancher’s Pregnant Wife: Harmon and Chastity


It’s the Wild West…in bed as well as in love.

Summoned from San Francisco for her mother’s funeral, down-on-her-luck Chastity meets her mother’s new husband–a husband she didn’t know existed.

When Harmon meets Chastity, this hard-working rancher realizes he married the wrong woman. Now’s his only chance to make things right–even if he has to get Chastity pregnant to convince her to stay.

Warning: if you read this short story, you’re in for 5000+ words of a sweet-talkin’, determined rancher in the Old West deflowering and breeding the woman he fell in love with at first sight…the second time around.

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That night as Chastity prepared for bed, she prayed for her mother’s soul and that Mr. Cade find a good woman who could appreciate what he gave her.

Chastity had just tucked herself into bed and snuffed out the candle when she heard the bedroom door opening. “Who’s there?”

The door closed. “It’s Harmon.”

Harmon? Mr. Cade! “What are you doing in my bedroom?”

He fumbled in the dark and at length he relit the candle. “I had to see you.” He sat down on the side of the bed.

“This is most inappropriate.”

“I know. But it can’t wait. You’re planning to leave tomorrow after the funeral. So it had to be tonight.” He put his hand on her thigh. The warmth radiated through the blanket.

She couldn’t imagine what he wanted that they couldn’t have discussed earlier. At dinner perhaps.

He took a breath. “I want you to be my wife.”

Everything froze for just a second. Had he really said what she thought he’d said?

“I know this is abrupt, and maybe unseemly. You may be wondering if I’m just looking for a replacement for your mother.”

“Are you?”

“No.” The word sounded sharp. “When I met you, when I talked with you, I realized I’d married the wrong woman. Your mother and I weren’t happy together. I thought she was somebody she wasn’t, and as I realized my mistake, things soured between us. Before it could get too bad, she fell ill.”

“Then how can you be sure…”

His hand tightened on her thigh. “I’m sure. I thought she was a young woman, younger than she was. I thought she wanted what I want–children, a family, a life together. But what she wanted was jewels and finery. She felt stifled on the ranch and even the town wasn’t fancy enough for her. I don’t mean to speak ill of your mother, Chastity, but she wasn’t who she let me think she was.”

“Then why would you want to marry me?”

“Am I wrong? Do you not want a family?”

“Of course I do.” She said it without thinking. All she’d wanted these many months was a husband, children, security. But she’d never thought to get it this way.

Mr. Cade rubbed her thigh. “Then we’ll marry.”

“I don’t think—”

“I know. You don’t think we should do this. And I’m as sure as I can be that this is the perfect thing to do. That’s why I’m going to convince you the only way I can. Tonight we’re going to make love and conceive our first child. After that you’ll be bound to me.”