Aurelia and the Three Bodyguards


Someone really hates Aurelia. Cursed so that every man she sleeps with falls madly, crazily in love with her, she ends up locked in a cage by an overly possessive dragon. She escapes only to learn about the curse, and worse–the only way to break the curse is to sleep with her true love. But she won’t know him until she sleeps with him, and every man she sleeps with along the way will go bat-crazy like the dragon.

Enter the three bodyguards. Can she figure out which one is her soulmate before the dragon catches up to them?

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Aurelia’s palms sweated. She wasn’t sure she could do this. That spell of Kaiden’s had better work.

Sleep with three men she didn’t know? Knowing two of them would go mad? She wasn’t sure which was worse.

As though he read her mind, Rafe slipped behind her and rubbed her shoulders. “Kaiden’s pretty good at this stuff. If anyone can find out the answer, it’s him.”

“Thanks,” she murmured.

She felt his breath against her ear. A tingle went through her as he spoke. “Then again, I hope he doesn’t find out. You are one hot babe.”

His words sent a shiver through her. All of a sudden, she pictured herself naked on a bed with these very hot men touching her and kissing her and making love to her. Three men at once. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Across the room, Kaiden was hard at work. A plume of purple smoke rose from a beaker as he threw some herbs into it. Of the three of them, she found him most solid. She’d felt instantly like she could trust him, and that had nothing to do with the attraction she felt for him, which was even stronger than the attraction she felt for the bone-melting Rafe. Kaiden would figure it out. She believed in him.

“Shit,” Kaiden said loudly, then threw a glance over his shoulder at her. As though she was some fragile flower he shouldn’t swear in front of.

Rafe’s shoulder rubbing moved down her front toward her breasts.

Her nipples peaked. Hopefully he didn’t see that. She put her hands on his. “Easy.”

He pulled his hands away and slid his arms around her chest in a hug. “I’m just warming things up. You seem tense.”

“Wouldn’t you be?”

He nuzzled her throat. “If I were about to go to bed with three very hot women? Hell no. I’d be hard as a rock.”

Yes, well. Her pussy was growing wet but he didn’t need to know that. Then again, if she was right and he was a werewolf, he could probably smell her arousal.

His teeth grazed her neck, followed by his tongue.

She shivered again, her nipples turning to hard pebbles. “Finding anything, Kaiden?” Her voice sounded hoarse.